Clubhouse removed personal info from users’ accounts in Afghanistan as a safety measure

Clubhouse has removed some info from users in Afghanistan as a safety measure | Clubhouse

Social audio app Clubhouse has joined other social platforms in taking steps to protect the privacy and safety of its users in Afghanistan. Earlier this week, the platform reset tens of thousands of its Afghan users’ bios and photos, and made their accounts more difficult to discover in search. A spokesperson for Clubhouse said the actions didn’t affect the users’ followers, and all of the changes can be reversed if a user prefers.

A message form @Clubhouse to #Afghanistan’s users.

— Zaki Daryabi (@ZDaryabi) August 19, 2021

Clubhouse has also been reminding its Afghan users that it does allow pseudonyms for human rights or safety purposes. The company consulted with free expression and violent extremism…

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