Peloton’s app indicates a rowing machine may finally be coming

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Peloton’s rumored rowing machine may finally be on the way, according to text that 9to5Google discovered in the Peloton Android app. When looking through the app’s code, 9to5 discovered references to the rowing machine we’ve been hearing about for the past couple of years — including instructions on how to do a rowing stroke, as well as language suggesting Peloton will offer real-world water scenery that people could view on a screen while rowing.

Bloomberg wrote about plans for a Peloton rower nearly two and a half years ago. More recently, there have been job listings mentioning a rower, and Peloton’s CEO has made multiple comments about rowers and rowing. If information about the rower is starting to show up in the app’s code,…

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