Updated app from Apple brings iCloud Passwords to Windows

Enlarge / The updated iCloud for Windows and new iCloud Passwords app. (We’ve blacked out some private information here, obviously.) (credit: Samuel Axon)

Apple has released a new version of iCloud for Windows, numbered 12.5. The update adds the ability to access and manage passwords saved in iCloud from a Windows machine, a feature users have long requested.

Apple has been gradually adding more support for iCloud passwords on non-Apple platforms with mixed results. The company released a Chrome extension that synced iCloud passwords with Chrome. But like this new iCloud Passwords app, it did the bare minimum and not much else.

Still, this addition is welcome for users who primarily live in the Apple ecosystem (and thus use Apple’s iCloud password locker) but who sometimes have to use Windows. For example, some folks use an iPhone or a Mac most of the time but have a Windows PC that is only used to play games that can’t be played on the Mac.

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