New Trailers: Dopesick, Impeachment: American Crime Story, Midnight Mass, and more

Michael Keaton stars as a doctor who prescribes OxyContin to his patients in Dopesick | Hulu

In addition to keeping up with The Good Fight and Ted Lasso (seems like people either really loved or really hated the latest Christmas-themed episode; I liked it but admit I found it a bit jarring that the show hit pause on several promising plot lines so Ted could wear a Santa hat), I also got caught up in The White Lotus, a series that everyone on Twitter is apparently watching. Lotus has its first-season finale tonight, and while I’m an episode behind right now, I’m sort of pushing myself to see it through.

There are standout performances by Steve Zahn and Jennifer Coolidge, but the show’s just not clicking for me so far. Bad things happen to mostly awful people and one dies, but we don’t know who yet. The show takes place in Hawaii…

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