Razer’s latest keyboard accessories offer an easy way to spruce up your mech

Razer’s PBT keycaps can now be bought with a matching USB cable. | Image: Razer

Razer is expanding its range of mechanical keyboard accessories with new keycaps, cables, and wrist rests which offer a convenient way to change the look and feel of your keyboard. The accessories start at $20 for the new wrist rests, ranging up to $50 for a customization kit that includes both colorful keycaps and a matching USB cable.

If you’ve spent any time on forums like the Mechanical Keyboards subreddit, then you’ll be no stranger to the fantastically colorful keycaps people like to customize their keyboards with. But beyond fast-growing enthusiast stores like Drop and Glorious PC Gaming Race, many of the best caps out there come from limited runs from smaller manufacturers, or with lengthy wait times. Razer’s designs might be…

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