Free Guy guy gets paid Fortnite skin

Epic Games

It’s another day ending in -y so Fortnite is having a new crossover event. Today, Fortnite players can complete quests in order to earn a new Free Guy skin and emote. It was inevitable that Free Guy would get a Fortnite crossover in some way. Fortnite is slowly gobbling up every video game and pop culture IP known to man, so it’s only natural that the video game movie would get a piece of that action, too. After all, Free Guy is the closest we’ve ever gotten to an actual Fortnite movie — for now. (Which is exactly the threat it sounds like.)

The “Dude” skin is a super beef-ified version of Ryan Reynolds’ character Guy and looks like the kind of person who routinely sets off the lunk alarm at Planet Fitness. Dude curiously has a blue…

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