Xiaomi announces Mix 4 with under-display camera

Xiaomi has announced the Mix 4, the first phone in the Mi Mix series to be announced in nearly three years. The Mix phones have always been about bezel-less designs with seamless screens, and the Mix 4 carries on that idea by commercializing a technology that Xiaomi has been working on for a long time: a selfie camera that’s located directly under the screen.

Xiaomi calls this CUP (Camera Under Panel) technology, though it’s similar to the under-display selfie cameras we’ve seen from other companies. Like Oppo and ZTE’s latest efforts, the Mix 4’s screen has a 400ppi area that lets light pass through to the selfie camera, which Xiaomi describes as “virtually invisible.” The camera is 20 megapixels and the display is a 6.67-inch 120Hz…

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