Nvidia’s tiny RTX A2000 GPU can fit inside a small form factor PC

Nvidia’s A2000 is nearly half the size of the RTX 3090. | Image: Nvidia

Nvidia is launching its new RTX A2000 GPU today, designed for professional workstations. It’s Nvidia’s smallest Ampere-based GPU so far and can easily squeeze into small form factor workstations. Like Nvidia’s old Quadro cards, the RTX A2000 is designed primarily for professionals who want to leverage ray tracing and Nvidia’s AI capabilities, and it’s the latest in a line of A-series GPUs.

The RTX A2000 can deliver 8 teraflops of GPU performance, coupled with 3328 CUDA cores, 6GB of GDDR6 memory with ECC, and a memory clock of 6001Mhz. That makes it look more capable on paper than something like Nvidia’s RTX 3050 laptop GPU. It also only consumes 70 watts of power, so it’s very power-efficient.

Image: Nvidia

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