Unopened copy of Super Mario Bros. sells for a record $2 million

An unopened Super Mario Bros. game from 1985 sold for $2 million | Rally

An anonymous buyer paid $2 million for a never-opened copy of Super Mario Bros., according to collectibles site Rally. First reported by the New York Times, the sale price of the 1985 game broke a record that was set less than a month ago, when a sealed copy of Super Mario 64 went for $1.56 million at auction.

Over the past year, the record for most expensive video game has been broken numerous times, as the demand for childhood collectibles remains hot. Last July, a copy of Super Mario Bros. went for $114,000 at auction. In November, a copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 broke that record, selling for $156.000 at auction. Then, that record was smashed in April when a copy of Super Mario Bros. went for $660,000 at auction, followed in July by a…

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