The Witcher’s anime spinoff keeps the bathtub, but adds a fun-loving lead

Image: Netflix

Perhaps the most emblematic image of Netflix’s take on The Witcher is Henry Cavill as Geralt, giant shoulders sunken, muttering a raspy “fuck” as he realizes the depths of the problem in front of him. Geralt’s gruffness is a big part of the appeal of The Witcher, as his down-to-earth nature stands in contrast to many other fantasy stories full of royalty and long-prophesied saviors. He’s not out to be a hero; he’s just here to do a job. Saving the world just seems to happen whether he wants to be involved or not.

When it came time to create The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, a prequel that stars Geralt’s mentor Vesemir, producer and screenplay writer Beau DeMayo knew he wanted a very different kind of character. Across video games,…

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