Spotify calls off plans to support AirPlay 2, frustrating iPhone users

Enlarge / Spotify and Apple Music on an iPhone in 2018. (credit: Getty Images | stockcam)

iPhone users have been asking for Spotify to add AirPlay 2 support for ages, but yesterday Spotify told users they shouldn’t expect the feature to be added any time soon.

AirPlay 2 was added to iOS more than three years ago, and users have been asking for Spotify to support it for many months. It offers lower latency, multi-room support, and Siri integration. Apple provides ways for developers to connect experiences to it, and sometimes works directly with prominent app developers who are seeking to implement it. Many other major audio apps on the iPhone support it. AirPlay 2 has become available in several non-Apple products too, like recent TVs from manufactures such as Samsung and LG.

In a thread requesting the feature on Spotify’s official community discussion forums (originally spotted by MacRumors), a Spotify rep published the following message:

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