Rocket Report: Virgin Galactic ups ticket prices, Starship surge in Texas

Enlarge / SpaceX’s Booster 4 is lifted on to its orbital launch mount in South Texas. (credit: Elon Musk / Twitter)

Welcome to Edition 4.10 of the Rocket Report! A lot is going on this week—of course it seems like there’s always a lot going on in space these days. However, it’s notable that Virgin Galactic is resuming ticket sales at a much higher price point. And then there’s that exclusive story I had on Blue Origin’s BE-4 engine delays. I’m excited for Astra’s next launch attempt, too.

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Virgin Galactic resumes ticket sales. As part of its second quarter earnings announcement on Thursday, Virgin Galactic said it was reopening sales for “private astronauts.” Virgin said it will have three consumer offerings: a) a single seat; b) multiseat couples/friends/family package; and c) full-flight buyout. Pricing for these offers will begin at $450,000 per seat.

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