Draw like it’s 1989 with this Kid Pix web app

Kid Pix, an iconic piece of kid-friendly desktop art software, has been ported to Javascript and HTML by Vikrum Nijjar. The web version of Kid Pix is based one the original 1.0 version released for Macs in 1989 by Craig Hickman.

It has the expected tools like paint brushes, rubber stamps, shapes, and letters, all scored by Kid Pix’s highly memorable sound effects. The sounds and Kid Pix’s somewhat inscrutable interface are the real draw here. The program’s inherent playfulness encourages you to explore, even if you’re not a kid anymore. You can see a spokesperson from Kid Pix’s first publisher Broderbund talk through some of the original app’s features below:

I didn’t remember using Kid Pix at first, but pulling up the web version of…

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