Govee’s excellent TV backlight kit is even more affordable today

Govee’s Immersion TV LED backlights can elevate your TV watching experience by syncing its lights to what’s on your 55-inch or 65-inch screen. The effect makes it look like the colors bleed through the bezels of your TV, out onto your walls. It’s not the only product that can do this, but it’s far less expensive than most at $80. For a limited time, Govee is knocking $5 off that price to sweeten the deal a little more. You can get this product for $75 if you check the $5 “extra savings coupon” listed underneath the price on the product page. Read our review.

Best Buy has been a reliable source for deals on Apple’s iPhone cases that rarely see much in the way of discounts. It launched another batch of price cuts today, focusing on cases…

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