Rocket Report: Ariane V returns after long layoff, Rocket Lab’s tough culture

Enlarge / China’s iSpace releases renderings of a 1-, 2-, and 3-core Hyperbola-3 rocket. (credit: iSpace/Andrew Jones/Twitter)

Welcome to Edition 4.09 of the Rocket Report! I was certainly looking forward to the second launch of Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft on Friday, and the Atlas V rocket was ready to go. Alas, serious problems with Russia’s new space station module, Nauka, delayed the launch until next Tuesday.

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New Zealand publication investigates Rocket Lab work culture. Former employees of launch company Rocket Lab claim that, behind its flashy public relations, is a toxic culture of fear where people are pushed out of the business and punished for minor transgressions, BusinessDesk reports. The article asserts that founder Peter Beck is an inspirational leader but that his management style is more appropriate for a very small startup rather than a maturing aerospace company. Although Rocket Lab is based it the US, it operates a rocket assembly and launch site in New Zealand.

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