Bungie is actually releasing a Destiny-themed toaster

The Destiny Toaster in all its glory. | Image: Bungie

A year after Bungie said it would explore making an official Destiny Toaster during a charity livestream, our bread-based dreams are finally becoming a reality. The Destiny Toaster is now available to preorder from Bungie’s online store for $84.99. It’s not due to ship until at least December, but Bungie says that once it does it’ll toast the game’s Tricorn logo into every slice of bread it touches. Does it also make normal toast? We have no clue.

If you’re a little lost as to why the developer of Destiny would go to the effort of making a toaster (because lord knows I was), PCGamer has you covered. Apparently “getting that bread” is in-game slang for getting a good loot drop, and there’s also a gun in the game that’s the spitting image…

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