Zens’ latest battery pack can create a wireless charging sandwich

The battery pack can wirelessly charge two devices at once. | Image: Zens

Zens’ new battery pack has a wireless charger on both sides, allowing you to charge two Qi-compatible devices simultaneously in what can only be described as a “charging sandwich.” The Dual Powerbank was announced alongside a trio of other battery packs including the Magnetic Single Powerbank, the Single Powerbank with Stand (which can itself be wirelessly charged, as well as wirelessly charge other devices), and the 10,000 mAh Powerbank with Stand.

Although you could theoretically use it to charge two Qi-compatible phones, the intended use case appears to be charging an iPhone along with an accessory like a pair of AirPods. That’s because one side of the battery pack includes a MagSafe connection, which should keep it centered on iPhone…

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