The Realme GT lays claim to OnePlus’ ‘flagship killer’ mantle


Realme is launching its highest-end phone yet in several European countries today, describing it as a “flagship killer.” The Realme GT is a high-end device with a fast Qualcomm processor, a smooth OLED screen, and a price that starts as low as €369 (about $450).

The GT is an attractive device, with a long glossy black panel breaking up this model’s bright yellow mock-leather finish — it’s all very evocative of sports cars, which is clearly what Realme was going for with the phone’s name as well. The only tell-tale sign that this isn’t an expensive flagship is the slightly large chin below the screen — that and the headphone jack.

“Flagship killer” is, of course, what OnePlus used to call its phones before the company started making more…

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