Go read this harrowing story about the team cleaning up Airbnb’s biggest disasters


When Airbnb works smoothly, the platform can feel like simply an eclectic hotel chain. But the app is a huge, high-stakes experiment in trusting strangers, and that can come with a heavy price. An article from Bloomberg journalist Olivia Carville makes that price vividly clear, delving into the workings of Airbnb’s safety team — the group that cleans up after Airbnb users’ most horrific experiences, including sexual assaults and murder.

The Bloomberg article cites interviews with current and former Airbnb employees, who describe an intensely stressful balance of helping customers and protecting Airbnb’s public image. It reports that Airbnb spends around $50 million annually in payouts to hosts and guests. Airbnb says most of that money…

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