TikTok hired some of its best animators for an anti-bullying campaign

Moments from three of the animators’ videos. From left to right: Kelly Emmrich, AmyRightMeow, Rosie.gif. | Images: TikTok

Starting today, you might see some beautiful new animations posted to TikTok’s accounts. The company has partnered with six of its platform’s popular animators — several of whom were featured in The Verge last year — to make videos for a campaign against bullying. The videos were all written and created by the animators and are meant to offer their perspective on the pressures faced by creators on the platform, even ones who are blowing up.

The spots also highlight TikTok’s vibrant animation community. The platform has been a boon for animators, who have found that its short format makes it possible for them to create good and consistent output that stands apart from the pack and hooks viewers. One of the creators, King Science, has 11.6…

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