The Backyardigans are going viral on TikTok and it’s about time

Uniqua, Pablo, Tasha, Tyrone, and Austin, The Backyardigans | Amazon

When you are a parent, you quickly learn that your kids will inevitably get into shows or videos or learn songs that slowly chip away at your sanity because you will hear them over and over and over. Anyone who knows what “Baby Shark” is will know exactly the kind of hellscape I’m talking about.

But once in a while, a kids’ show comes into your family’s life and you miss it when your kid ages out of it — like Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood or Sesame Street. For our family, that show was The Backyardigans; my now-teenager voraciously watched episodes of the show that ran on Nickelodeon from 2004 to 2013 (we watched the DVDs), and would actually get up and dance when the music started. We looked forward to new episodes about the hijinks of…

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