This picture of cheese helped send a man to prison for 13 years

Police analyzed the palm and fingerprints in the photo to identify the suspect. | Image: Merseyside Police

It’s generally a good idea to be careful about the photos you share online. Share a photo of your vaccination card, for example, and you risk revealing your full name and date of birth, which opens you up to the possibility of identity theft. But you might want to be even more careful if you’re a drug dealer involved in selling heroin and cocaine. Even an innocent picture of a block of cheese can contain enough personal information to help convict you.

We’ve got the UK’s Merseyside Police to thank for the worrying revelation, the Liverpool Echo reports, after they successfully identified drug dealer Carl Stewart (39, of Gem Street, Liverpool) and convicted him of conspiracy to supply cocaine, heroin, MDMA, and ketamine with the help of a…

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