Vox Media’s Eric Arredondo on working as IT support

Photo by Becca Farsace / The Verge

It’s safe to say that no company in existence today that has more than a couple of employees can exist without a knowledgeable IT support person or team. When you’re trying to run a website, create a solid technological structure, and keep things running even at the most stressful of times, a strong IT support team can make sure that things don’t go completely haywire at the worst time — or, if it does, that somebody is there to fix it.

The Verge is certainly no different, and so we asked one of the members of Vox Media’s IT team — Eric Arredondo, IT administrator — to tell us a bit about himself and his job.

What do you do for Vox Media?

I am an IT administrator for our IT service desk team. I help manage and support the internal…

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