Citizen, the vigilante justice app, has a plan to deploy private security forces, too

This morning, The Verge published a story about how Citizen — an app that appears to encourage vigilante justice — encouraged its users to hunt down the wrong person and presumably bring them to justice, in the mistaken assumption that person had started the 1,158-acre Palisades wildfire in Los Angeles last week. The company offered a $30,000 bounty.

Now, we’re learning the same company is apparently planning to offer its own private security forces to users, according to a new report from Motherboard.

In fact, one Citizen-branded patrol car has already been spotted in the wild:

Few things make you feel like you live in a bleak dystopian reality like a Citizen App patrol car that looks like a cop car.

Spotted by ⁦@magggggiiieeeee⁩ on…

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