Acclaimed TimeSplitters franchise set to return under reborn Free Radical studio


Cover art from the original TimeSplitters 2 released in 2002. | Image: Free Radical Design

TimeSplitters, the acclaimed PS2-era first-person shooter franchise, is being brought back to life by a newly reformed Free Radical Design, publisher Deep Silver announced today. Development is set to commence in the coming months after the new studio is built. The studio, which carries the same name as the original TimeSplitters developer, will be headed by Steve Ellis and David Doak, who founded Free Radical Design in 1999.

Deep Silver has been laying the groundwork for a new TimeSplitters game for several years. It acquired the rights to the franchise in 2018, and in 2019 announced that it was working together with series creator Steve Ellis to “help plot the future course for this franchise.” But today’s news, that the company is…

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