Android phones can finally tap to pay for public transit in the SF Bay Area

Photo by Amy Osborne/San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

In 2010, the San Francisco Bay Area introduced a single tap-to-pay NFC card for practically all its public transit — and Google introduced the first NFC-equipped Android smartphone. Now, over a decade later, the two ideas are finally compatible. Today, you can finally digitize a Clipper card into most Android phones, or buy one there to start, then tap it to ride 24 different transit systems in SF and the greater Silicon Valley.

Apple also added the same functionality to iPhones and Apple Watches last month, and here’s how I described it at the time:

You can now use almost any recent iPhone or Apple Watch to board BART (which serves the East Bay and San Francisco), Muni (San Francisco’s bus and light rail system), Caltrain (which…

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