Epic Games sues AR company Nreal for sounding too much like ‘Unreal’



Epic Games has sued smart glasses maker Nreal for infringing on its Unreal Engine trademark. Epic, which filed the case late last week, claims it’s “no coincidence” that Nreal’s name “looks and sounds virtually identical” to Unreal’s branding. As Nreal plans a US launch later this year, Epic wants to recoup damages and scuttle its application for a trademark.

Epic argues that on top of “Nreal” sounding a lot like “Unreal,” both companies are competing in the same space. The China-based Nreal makes an augmented reality headset known as the Nreal Light, which projects 3D objects into real space, and it’s developed a demo game called Nreal Tower. Its glasses shipped in Korea last year, and Nreal has gradually expanded their availability,…

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