Amazon goes quiet on its Twitch-based Pac-Man game

A screenshot from Pac-Man Live Studio. | Image: Amazon Games and Bandai Namco

In May 2020, Amazon announced Pac-Man Live Studio, an interesting new version of Pac-Man that you’d be able to play right inside Twitch. The game was set to release that June — but recently the company removed all traces of it from the Amazon Games website. Nearly a year after Live Studio was supposed to debut, its status remains a mystery.

Right now, Live Studio’s page on the Amazon Games website shows a 404 error, but the Wayback Machine has an archived version of the filled-out webpage from April 7th. This archived version lists a release date of “coming soon” — many months after the original June launch date. And Wario64, who you might know as one of the best video game deal-finders on Twitter, reported that the site wasn’t working a…

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